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Category: Google Workspace

Google Workspace Transfer Token Creation 

Introduction   Google workspace is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. If you want to transfer your subscription to workspace reseller transfer token

Google Slides Time Saving Tips

Introduction Google workspace includes the application google slides to create presentations offline/online. Google slides is a presentation about a project, scheme, business proposal, or any

Gmail Inbox Optimization Tips

Introduction Mail sent from one person to another person. Gmail is the business collaboration mail app included with the workspace. Create more users for your

Google Chat Collaboration Tips

Introduction Google workspace includes the chat app in its tools. Google chat is a communication service designed for teams & business environments. Use chat for

Unknown Google Drive Search Features

Introduction Files are stored in a hard disk that occupies memory. To reduce memory usage use the cloud platform. Google Drive is a cloud storage

Google Calendar Beginner Tips

Introduction Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling calendar service offered under google workspace. Create calendars to keep track of different events. It allows

6 Google Docs Tips & Tricks You Don’t Know

Introduction Google Docs is a word processing tool available online using your browser. No software is required for installation. Many people work on a single

Google Forms Quick User Guide 

Introduction Forms are fillable documents that are physical or Online. Google Forms are to fill in the required information. Forms helpful in recruitment, government services,

Create Free Google Sites Website

Introduction Business people who run small or medium businesses can create a professional website. To create a website you need a website builder and other

Advanced Google Docs Tips & Tricks

Introduction Documents needed for office work. Office Suite is available on all systems. Google Workspace is an online cloud platform. It helps to collaborate with

Top and Best Google Workspace Integrations

Introduction Google workspace is a cloud platform created for collaboration work. Large and small organizations use this service as it’s a cloud service. All the

Google Workspace Work From Home Solutions

Introduction Remote working is the order of the day in the post-pandemic situation. Offices around the world offer remote / work-from-home jobs to many staffs.