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Check New WHM Functions and Features

WHM – Introduction WHM is known as Web Host Manager which manages multiple cPanel accounts. There are a lot of reasons you can opt for

New WordPress Website Development Steps

WordPress Website Development Steps Website development is the process of development of a website from scratch.  The web development involves developing pages for a website.

How to Prevent Spoofing & Spam with DMARC?

Google Workspace uses mail standards like DMARC to prevent mail spoofing and phishing. It helps prevent messages from being marked as spam. Login to your

Google Workspace Email Routing

Check New Google Workspace Email Routing Settings

Google Workspace Email Routing offers routing settings to the administrators for managing email delivery. Organization administrators can customize how the email is routed, delivered, and


Google Workspace New Prebuilt Administrator Roles

Google Workspace is the business version of the applications. The Google Workspace applications are controlled by an administrator. Manage the Google Workspace by assigning administrator