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What are the benefits of Using WordPress?


WordPress is the top content management system platform in the world. It is one of the top unicorns in the world. It started its venture in 2003. Since then, it has gotten traction. Almost  one out of three websites has been created using wordpress. 

Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress as a premium CMS tool, brings out many benefits when it comes to business. 

Some of the noted benefits are:

  • Ease of use
  • Access and edit website  anywhere
  • Don’t need HTML/FTP

Ease of Use

WordPress has a simple user interface. It makes businesses try for wordpress web developers. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows web developers to customize any idea and convert them as a full fledged website easily.

Access, Edit Website Remotely

The beauty is,like Google Docs, you can access and edit websites remotely anytime anywhere. You just need Internet connection only. Because, it is not required to download and install wordpress. You can login with your wordpress admin credentials and access your website and edit them anywhere.

No Need of HTML Code/FTP Server

You don’t need Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver or other HTML editing softwares. You don’t need to write so much code in order to create a new web page,blog page,or ecommerce websites and so on.You can also upload images and videos directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Google Loves WordPress

The search engines like Google like the websites built with wordpress and give them high priority to rank faster in the SERP.

How Can We Help You

We,at Navohosting, have in-house wordpress web developing experts and we are known for providing perfect web designing services and meeting your deadlines . Besides,we provide domain and hosting services, whatsapp automation and bulk sms services for marketing your business very well in the market against your competitors. We are Google’s official reseller of Google Workspace. So, we provide Google Workspace services at attractive discounts than any other place. We offer Google Workspace plans starting from Rs.75/user/month . 

Got any ideas?  Want to connect with us? Just tap here.




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