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Wix or WordPress

Wix or WordPress: When it comes to ecommerce, there are no code ways to develop a website. Two of the platforms are popular in the business arena. Apart from Wix and WordPress, there is another entry into the competition Shopify. According to many experts, wordpress has more technical requirements than Wix to create an online ecommerce store.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a tool of WordPress specially designed to develop ecommerce websites.  You can build an ecommerce website with the drag-and-drop feature of WooCommerce. You need to host your website from a third-party hosting partner. You don’t need to have coding knowledge. But, you need to have some technical skills.

What is Wix Store?

Wix store is Wix’s app for building ecommerce websites.  You can build ecommerce websites and dropshipping websites with the Wix store. You don’t need to have coding knowledge and technical knowledge too.  Velo by Wix is the latest addon to the Wix platform. You can develop an ecommerce website with the AI features of Wix.  In a nutshell, wix is more beneficial for non-tech people. WordPress is meant for tech geeks.

Plugins vs Apps

WordPress, as intentionally built for creating blog sites, has more free plugins as well as premium plugins too. There are more than 50,000 plugins available in WordPress. When it comes to Wix, there are very few apps (plugins of Wix) available. Most of the apps too are paid ones. Apart from that, Wix has built-in hosting support whereas wordpress does not.

Earn Money Online

WordPress is popular among all. But, Wix is yet to be known more to the masses. I have listed out some ideas on how to use Wix to earn money online. Check them out here.

  • Wix has an affiliate program (Earn up to $100 per valid lead)
  • Wix has an agency program for Wix developers
  • You can create a dropship website with Wix
  • You can create your own Ecommerce Store in Wix
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