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How to add Google Workspace New User Account?

How to add Google Workspace New User Account?

Google Workspace is an online collaboration suite available for different sizes of businesses. Google workspace productivity tool includes many business apps. To enjoy the google workspace services, the users need an account. The administrator has the right to add or remove users from google workspace. Login it the Google admin console to add the users. The single and bulk users added to the google workspace. Before adding the users, the admin needs to add licenses to your account. If you purchased the google workspace from a reseller, contact them for account addition. 

Every plan has a different user account limit. For the annual plan, customers need to add licenses to the account. Flexible plan customers’ additional users will lead to an increase in monthly payments. The business edition customers can add a maximum of 300 users. The enterprise plan has no maximum user limit.

To open a user account, you need only the first and last name of the person. Get the person’s personal or other email address before creating an account. Send the sign-in instructions to that secondary email address.

Steps to add the user account 

  1. Sign in to the admin console
  2. Go to menu 
  3. Find directory
  4. Go to users
  5. Find all organizations
  6. Select organizational unit
  7. Click add new user



  • Add the account information
  • Click add new user



  • Create password
  • Click add new user
  • Click done.



Steps to add Organizational unit

  • If users grouped in an organizational unit
  • Click edit
  • Select the user
  • Hit the done button



Steps to add a Profile photo

  • Click Upload profile photo
  • Select the photo
  • Open the photo file
  • Add the photo

Steps to create a password

To automatically generate a password

  • Choose the automatically generate password option.



Manually create password          

  1. Password must contain eight characters
  2. Ask users to change the password when they first sign in.
  3. Copy the password to send in chat.



Send account information

  1. New user is created.
  2. Click preview and send.
  3. Hit Done.


Send sign in instructions

  1. Enter the email address.
  2. Click send option.


  • After the user creation the sign in details are sent to the users secondary email address.
  • Preview the information and send to users.
  • Click done.
  • If you want to add another users follow the above steps.


Ways to add users in bulk  

  • If you use an LDAP Directory such as Microsoft Active Directory, use Google Cloud Directory Sync.
  • If you have programming skills, use Admin SDK Directory API to create more users. 
  • Migrate from HCL Notes, use Google Workspace Migration for HCL Notes.  
  • Add thousands of users as quickly as possible or add 50K or more users at once, use the third-party tool.
  • If you need to add 150k+ users at a time, upload their names in a CSV file.


It will take 24 hours for Google services for available for new users. After adding the user, they can sign in to the Google service. Welcome mail is sent to the users with the password reset link to their secondary mail id. The password reset link expires in 48 hours. Each account is accessed only by one user. Avoid sharing the user account with other users.

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