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What are the New Unknown Google Drive Search Features?

Google Drive


Files are stored in a hard disk that occupies memory. To reduce memory usage use the cloud platform. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform for storing files on the cloud. It includes as a part of google workspace. The google drive space varies according to the workspace plan. Google Drive offers speed, reliability, and collaboration. Drive works with MS Office files without a need to convert the files. Drive can store different file types. Searching for a file in the drive is very easy. Files shared by you and shared with you can be searched and viewed in google drive. To optimize your drive search, use the google drive search features.


Google Drive search using OCR

Drive uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognize the texts on PDFs and images. Search the text within the image or PDF and get the text. Google Drive supports seven file formats Scanned PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and handwriting image. Google Drive runs optical character recognition on PDFs and photos. You can search for the text within it. Copy and paste the search text to the text processor.

Search with Image Recognition

Google Drive uses image recognition in search. Upload a photo from your device drive that recognizes the image. Upload a moon photo, search box identifies and displays the moon image. The word ‘moon’ appears on the google drive search bar. Even if a screenshot of an image is uploaded, the drive will recognize it. Copy the text from the image and search for a file.


File indexing is fast

It is the process by which a search engine organizes information before a search to enable a super-fast response to search queries. After adding a file to google drive, is added to the index. Search after uploading the file to google drive. Google Drive indexing is fast. Upload a file in google drive and then immediately search for the file.


Search files within or in a shared folder

You can search for files within a folder or a shared drive. It’s handy because sometimes you remember a file was somewhere in the folder. You don’t remember the file. To find the file go to the folder you want to search. Right-click on the folder and search within it.

Provide suggestions

Machine learning is used in google drive to provide suggestions. Enter the year or any word in the search list in the search bar. Suggestions lists in the search box. If you type a query with a mistake, the drive display word suggestion to improve it. If the suggestion is correct use the suggestion.

Google Drive Search from chrome browser

The google Drive is also searched from Google Drive from the Chrome URL bar without using “drive + TAB”. Google workspace users know this option. Type a few words and get Drive files that you can open directly. It Works with operators like “type: spreadsheet” in chrome.


Public index & Private index

Drive search is more complex than Google Web or Gmail. Drive consists of a public index (search files shared with you) and a private index(files shared by you). Drive search across both and re-rank them. The drive works more like a personalized Google Web search.

Search Google drive for own & shared files

Before you search for a file by opening Gmail and check the sent item. Search a file sent by you and files shared by others with the drive. Simply by searching google drive to get the desired files. Hope the above tips for google drive are helpful for the users.

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