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How to create Google Workspace Transfer Token?

Google Workspace

Create a Google Workspace Transfer Token

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. If you want to transfer your subscription to Workspace reseller transfer token is required. The public identifier code of the reseller is required. Public Identifier Code is a 9-character code. You can create a Google Workspace transfer token by logging into the admin console. Generate the transfer token and copy the code. Take note of the transfer token code. Transfer tokens are valid for 14 days after creation. The steps to create a transfer token are listed here.

Steps to create Google Workspace Token Creation

 The steps to create a Google Workspace token are given step by step here.

1. First, open your browser.


2. Go to incognito mode.



3. Open the new incognito mode.


4. Go to the admin console page address in the address bar.


5. Enter the Admin username in the field.



6. Enter the Admin password in the relevant field.



7. Log in to the admin console.


8. The Google Admin console page opens.


9. Tick marks the following message, “I have read and agreed to the Google workspace via Reseller”.



10. Click the “Generate Transfer Button.

11. The transfer token is generated.


12. Send the transfer code and domain to the Google reseller.


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