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How to make Your Gmail as Your Professional Identity?


The first step to start a business is creating a website based on the business domain. But, the job is not yet over. You need to build credibility in order to gain the name in the market. We prefer Gmail to be the best option for that. 

Read out to know more. 

Why Professional Email Address?

Many of us might think, why don’t employees use personal email addresses for professional communication within an organization?  There are certain conditions we need to think on for this question.

  • For example, if you have a digital marketing specialist , he needs to deal with leads .

In case, if he leaves your  company, and joins your competitor’s company, what would happen if he uses a personal email address? Your data will be used to defeat you

  • GmailTo resolve this and to ensure complete control over the employees, a professional email address is a required one to run a business
  • Apart from it, you shall get credibility if you communicate from a business email


Benefits of Having A Professional Email With Gmail

  • You as a founder have full control over your employees with Professional Email
  • If you fire an employee or he resigns from your company, the files and all the other data are still be available and accessible only to you
  • You will be allotted with 30 GB per user from Google
  • Get Google’s standard 2 step verification to protect your data from malware
  • You can enhance your brand awareness by having professional email
  • Communicate , collaborate within the organization and with clients in a real time using Google’s in-build cloud apps for business



Bonus Tips

You will be able to create your business website with Google Sites. Your website can be indexed quicker in Google. You can even monetize your website by promoting other products as an affiliate and earn money as well.

Why Navohosting?

We at Navohosting , can be your ideal friend when it comes to growing your business digitally. We can give you Google Workspace offers and  domain registration and hosting and even designing your website. Besides, we will be providing you WhatsApp automation support to reach your target audience at the right time in order to grow your business online.

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