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How to Assign Task from Message?

Assign Task: Introduction

Assign Task: You can gain some clients while chatting in Google Chat.  In that scenario, you may need to assign some tasks in order to assign a task.

We need two Google Workspace Applications for doing so.

They are:

  • Google Chat
  • Google Task

Why to Assign Task from Google Chat Message


We use Google Chat for formal and informal communications with others such as clients, employees.  It functions like chat based applications like Viber, Whatsapp and so on for the professional cases.  You can convert your chat messages into a task in order to convert the leads into paying customers.  As like Whatsapp, you can create group conversation within your organization or outside your organization. That is called as , “Space” , here in Google Chat.

Who We Are?

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The Usages of Google Chat

Google chat is used informally as a marketing medium. It’s also used formally as an alternative to Email communication. Email communication is still effective. But, Chat based communication can give you instant leads. That’s why, the team behind Google aka Alphabet, has developed Google Chat App for Business.

Ideas for Using Google Chat

Here are simple but effective ideas you can use to attract customers while accessing Google Chat.

  • Use Google Chat to prepare outline for  Team Meetings
  • Use Google Chat to schedule client follow ups
The Usages of Google Task

Google Task plays a task planner role.  Google recently announced the migration update.  Generally, you may  add reminders and events using Google Calendar.  The recent update of Google states, you can use Google Chat to create the  reminders and goals from the Google Tasks itself.  This leads us to bid adieu to Google Calendar for reminder tasks  straightaway.

How to Create Tasks While Messaging in Google Chat

You can create tasks from the Google chat. You can manage the tasks later.

Select the message in which you are about to add tasks.  Then, tap the three dots and select Add to Task



Then, a popup window opens. From there, you can add the task details such as task name , the time of the planned task.

I hope this blog post helps you to use workspace effectively. Let’s discuss another interesting workspace tips tomorrow.

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