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How to Fix Google Chat Notifications Error (Simple Guide)

If you are still unknown about Google Chat, it is the cloud application that has been replaced with Google Hangouts. As the days pass by, the people would change. Once in the time of 2G, Gmail was a popular one amongst businesses to communicate with.  But, when technology started to grow dramatically, Google wanted to change its perception. That’s how Google Chat has come into place. 

Since the implementation of the Google Chat Application,  businesses can create spaces or groups inside their colleagues.  But, sometimes, you do not even get notifications regularly from Google Chat.    

If you are one of them, you can fix the notification not receiving error in Google Chat by following the steps mentioned here. 

Fix Missing Notifications (occasionally) in Google Chat

You can fix the occasional error in Google Chat, or missing notifications by following the upcoming five steps. 

Are you online or offline?

First things first. Cross-check and verify if you are connected to the Internet or not.  You can check it by browsing the internet. If you are not connected to the internet, you will get an error on the browser’s screen.  Due to the unavailability of the Internet, you can restart and fix the connectivity issue.

If you are not yet able to connect, you do need to contact the ISP.

Turn On Notifications to Proceed

Just make sure, your device notifications are enabled or not. Cross-check that your Google Chat is not blocked from sending notifications on your device.  You can check it in the Google Chat app’s settings menu. After that, you need to enable banner as well as badge notifications allowed in the Google Chat app with sound feature enabled. 

In case, you are using Gmail to use Google Chat, you need to enable The notifications in the Gmail app as well.

Don’t Disturb Mode – On / Off

If you enable Don’t Disturb Mode, your Google Chat notifications will be turned off automatically. That’s why, we insist you disable DND mode. 

In terms of PC/ laptop (Windows), you can check the Focus Assist Status.

Push Notification Issue

Sometimes on your mobile, your push notifications can be turned off. In that case, your Google Chat App doesn’t provide notifications.

Receive Notifications on Android

You can check it by sending messages to yourself. In any of your preferred chat applications. If it works well, you could also receive notifications from the Google Chat app. Or else, you need to troubleshoot your device to repair this issue.  

Sync Issues in Google Chat

As you already know, all the Google apps need to sync among the devices you use to perform well without hurdles.  So, if you are an Android user, you can enable sync settings in the background settings option.

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