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Why to choose VPS Hosting? | New Updates

VPS Hosting

Why choose VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting: If you want to build an innovative product, plan it out clearly. For example, if you want to build a cloud computer, you may require more space. In that case, VPS hosting can be beneficial for your websites. VPS hosting is cost-effective and more secure than one that has one parental physical server. With this functionality, VPS can perform as well as the physical server. 

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated & Shared Server

VPS Hosting is far better than shared hosting. Unlike Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting works solely for you. If you have opted for Shared Hosting, your resources and the server could be shared with other websites including business sites. A VPS server is your go-to option if you want a private environment. We at Navo Hosting, provide quality Linux VPS servers at a very affordable cost. Moreover, VPS hosting can make your web speed loading time faster than the shared server. VPS Hosting When it comes to Dedicated Server, it is more costly to get. But, a VPS server gives the same power at an affordable cost. When it comes to security, a VPS server is the best one than a shared server. Because, in the Shared server, the server does not operate individually. However, the VPS server operates more individually.



How Do We Operate Virtually?

We shall install the necessary VPS blanket on the server’s OS(Operating System) with the help of Virtualization Technology. We can also serve you by providing highly secured Google Workspace-enabled business emails with the lowest possible cost. Besides, we are providing complete web designing services as well. When it comes to promotional activities, we provide you bulk SMS service along with WhatsApp automation chatbot service in order to boost your profit. 

Advantages of VPS Hosting


Virtual private servers offer root access and Secure Shell (SSH). This allows users to have secure and encrypted access to servers.


VPS provide granular level of customization to the clients.


Data protection and backup is another key benefit of virtual private servers as it supports automatic data backup.

Scalability and Growth

Growth and scalability are the most significant advantages of virtual private servers. Businesses can easily purchase more storage space and bandwidth whenever they feel the need.


Uses of VPS Hosting

  • Host multiple sites 
  • E-Commerce ready webhosting                    
  • Control E-mail server
  • Install heavy applications
VPS Server As Your Data Guard

If your website is hacked or attacked by malware, your website’s data shall still be protected. That is the power of the VPS server. We would suggest you get a Linux VPS server now as this is the right time to start a new venture with your name. If you have a project in mind or want to connect with us for a VPS server.


Navohosting offers following services to the clients

  • Google Workspace 
  • Hosting & Domain
  • Website Design

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