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Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting Advantages

Shared Web Hosting: If you decide to start a website for your business or a blog you must get a domain and subscribe to a hosting plan. To run a website you need a web domain & hosting service. Web hosting service provider offers Web hosting. There are many plans available with the service provider. Shared web hosting has two types. Shared web hosting has many features and supports for small and medium business enterprises. The hosting provider offers a server that hosts more websites. The server resources are shared with the other websites. So, shared hosting is cheaper than other web hosting types. Users don’t need technical knowledge to use this hosting.

Parameters to check before buying 

Before buying a shared web hosting service, check the following parameters. The overall performance of hosting depends. Check the parameters and choose the plan. Storage, Bandwidth, Uptime, and Security are things you need to check. The storage is the place where the files are stored in the database. The data uploaded by the users is called bandwidth. The uptime is the time when the website is available and working. You can choose your server either Linux or Windows based on your needs.


Types of shared hosting

Shared hosting comes in two types namely Linux shared Hosting and Windows shared hosting. The Linux shared hosting is compatible with the scripting language PHP and open-source relational DBMS MySQL. Linux shared hosting uses the Linux operating system as a server. It also supports WordPress. Linux is the most widely used OS for web servers. The Windows shared hosting uses Windows OS-based servers and supports ASP.Net and MYSQL. Windows server is useful for Windows-based applications.


Who should choose shared hosting?

The shared hosting is useful for small sizes. It is very affordable to small to medium institutions. You should choose the shared hosting if you need the following.

  • If you want to run a personal blog, choose shared hosting.
  • You can choose shared web hosting for website testing. 
  • If you need to host a website but have budget constraints choose shared hosting.
  • Small and medium enterprises can use this hosting that needs very low traffic.


Advantages of shared hosting 

Affordable Cost 

Shared hosting is very affordable to users. For beginners, it is useful to start a website with low traffic. 


Choose the plans that you need the most. Choose the hosting based on needs.


Even though the server resources are shared the servers are more secure. No data is stolen from the server.

Easy to set up

Setting up the server is easy and fast compared to other hosting. Installing operating systems and software is easy.

High uptime 

Shared hosting provides high uptime to the users. Web servers have more reliability. 

Easy Maintenance 

The web hosting provider maintains the server. Software updates & maintenance are easy.



Overall shared web hosting is best suitable for users who want to test the website or start a small business enterprise. Afford to host startups and small and medium businesses. Web hosting provider allows you to upgrade to an advanced plan. It is possible to upgrade your hosting plan to a higher version if your website gets more traffic or you are open to increasing your traffic.

The advantages of shared web hosting are given here. The details about web hosting and domain service are available here. Web hosting guide present here. If you need details about Linux and Windows shared hosting, contact us.

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