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Check New Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Types

For a Business, you need to have a website. To start a website, you need just shared hosting. To improve your business and upgrade your plan. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a type of server hosting in which virtualized server resources present to the user through the cloud or hosting provider. VPS is launched on a physical machine. The virtual private server is installed and operated by the hosting provider.  Hardware and software resources are available exclusively to the individual users. It is between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS offers good performance, flexibility, and control to the users. VPS hosting is the most scalable hosting service than other type of hosting.


Types of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting can be bought at an affordable price than other hosting services. Based on the usage, the types vary. The usage of VPS hosting is increasing reliability and site performance, installing any OS, and choosing the services you needed. The three types of VPS hosting are

  1. Managed vps hosting
  2. Un-managed vps hosting
  3. Semi-managed vps hosting.


Managed VPS Hosting

The managed VPS Hosting has fully managed the hosting. It reduces the time and effort you use in managing the hosting server. All the services are taken care of by the hosting provider. Server-related services, core updates, and software installations are by the hosting provider. Managed VPS hosting provides a hands-free approach to the server management perspective.



Unmanaged VPS Hosting

It is fondly known as self-managed hosting. In unmanaged VPS Hosting business owner take care of all other server maintenance and other activities related to the server. This hosting requires technical expertise to manage servers and other services. Unmanaged VPS Hosting is suited for big and established IT companies.


Semi-managed VPS Hosting

The semi-managed VPS hosting is somewhere between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. The hosting provider gives basic unmanaged hosting and adds software installation and support. The additional services include OS updates and Patches, Server support, and security enhancements.


Why do you need to buy VPS hosting?

  • VPS hosting is secure as it protects resource-related attacks.
  • You secure the hosting by adding firewalls, anti-virus, and other software.
  • It is fast and reliable because bandwidth is allocated to individuals. Receive updates and technologies.
  • Support is available most of the time.
  • The service provider can fix the problems quickly and troubleshoot the issues.
  • You launch web applications, build test environments, and secondary storage using VPS hosting.


Some of the advantages of Virtual Private Server hosting are listed below

  • It can handle more website traffic.
  • Customize the available applications.
  • Reduces server errors.
  • Greater storage and bandwidth.
  • Install the OS and software you needed.
  • Server control and customization.
  • High level of security.


The services offered by us to our clients are

  • Google workspace
  • Domain & Web hosting
  • Website Design & Development


To know more about the other hosting services follow our blog. The other types like Dedicated Server Hosting, and Shared hosting services are listed here for the users. To know more about the  the vps hosting and types check out here.


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