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New SSL Certificate Validation Levels

SSL Certificate Validation

SSL Certificate Validation Levels

SSL Certificate Validation: Running a website for your business is an easy process. But if you handle sensitive information like online transactions, you store user details. You must use a secure website to protect user details. So you use the SSL certificate to protect your site and user data. Validation is the process of checking based on the validation level the SSL certificates are classified. The certificate authority issues the SSL certificates to the organizations. They validate the domain and the organization that applied for the SSL certificate. This verification is called SSL certificate validation. Let us see about the advantages of SSL certificates.

Advantages of SSL certificates 

  • Boost the Google search ranking of your Website.
  • Protect user information during transactions.
  • Proof of domain ownership.
  • Confirms the authenticity of the organization.
  • Maximize your traffic
  • Improve your sales


SSL certificate Validation levels

Based on the validation method the certificates vary. The types of certificates are Domain validation, Organizational validation, and extended validation. All the type of validation has the same TLS encryption. The types of SSL validation are explained below.

Domain validation (DV) Certificate

The domain validation certificate is issued after verifying who owns the website. The domain validation certificate has https in the address bar. This type of certificate is issued quickly. DV SSL certificate offers 25-bit encryption. The certifications are provided in two types one is file-based verification, and the other one is email-based verification. The domain validation certificate is apt for small and medium-sized businesses. The DV certificates have padlocks. The trust level is minimal.



Organizational validation (OV) Certificate 

The organizational validation certificate is used to validate the company or organization. OV ssl validation includes encryption. The business name and a site seal are displayed in the SSL certificate. The OV SSL certificate is used for e-commerce sites that process customer information. 



Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

The extended Validation (EV) Certificate is issued to the websites which handle sensitive information. EV SSL certificate offers more security against phishing attacks, hacking, and other security issues. The address bar contains the company name. The validation process is complex and thoroughly investigated by the CA. The organization must be up-to-date about them. It will take more than five days to finish the validation process. The trust level is the maximum for the Extended Validation (EV) Certificate. 


How to make your online session safe?

  1. Only submit the personal details with EV or OV certificate.
  2. Check for trust signals on websites.
  3. Stay safe from phishing attacks.
  4. Read the privacy policy of websites.
  5. Run a website scan often. 


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