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New SSL Certificate Complete Guide Update

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate: Visiting the website is necessary for users who do bank transactions, online store purchases, payment gateways, and others. Hackers can steal information from an unsecured website. Even if the user visits a site and enters his details for a subscription, the data must be safe. The browser and server transfer confidential information during the transaction. Everyone must check the website before performing any transaction. So you visit only trusted websites.


To identify a secure website, you can check the URL of a site. There are some indicators present in the address bar of the website. The padlock symbol near the URL, check for a URL prefix consisting of the name https and find a trust seal sign of a trusted website. The secure website has an SSL certificate that prevents the site from hackers. The transferred data is between the sender and receiver. The data is with a secured layer.  


Need of an SSL certificate


SSL is a Security Sockets Layer and collection of data files issued to a website by a certificate authority. The SSL certificate adds a security layer over the protocol HTTP. After the website adds the SSL certificate, the URL will look like https://. The padlock icon is present in the address bar. The SSL certificate provides many benefits. Users’ data cannot be interrupted by outsiders. The search engine prefers to list the sites with SSL certificates. Website owners can use the certificate to earn a good reputation and secure user information. SSL certificate was available according to the user’s needs. SSL certificates are used for shared hosting, e-commerce sites, payment gateway, etc.


Free SSL and Paid SSL Certificates


Website owners can get free or paid SSL certificates for their websites. Free certificates come with minimal security and encryption. Only the domain is verified. The validity of the SSL certificate is for a few months only and does not give any warranty against data threats. Free certificates do not provide technical support to the users. If your site is not involved in fetching users’ confidential data, you can use the free SSL certificate.


The paid SSL certificates provide high and end-to-end encryption to the users. After verifying the domain and organization, the SSL certificate is available. The validity of paid SSL is one year. Technical support is available for the entire year. The paid SSL certificate promises to give a predetermined warranty amount to the owner due to the loss of money due to fraudulent activities. The paid SSL certificate ensures the website’s security, credibility, and customers’ trust. 

Types of SSL Certificates


Single-domain SSL certificate

The single-domain SSL certificate protects only one domain and all the pages under the domain. It will not secure any subdomains related to the website. Installing this type of certificate is time-consuming. The price of this certificate is affordable. You can get an SSL certificate for two thousand rupees with shared hosting. Example: single domain certificate protects and its subdirectories like It will not work for

Wildcard domain SSL certificate

The wildcard SSL certificate protects the single domain and related unlimited subdomains. It is costly compared to the single-domain SSL certificate. It only covers subdomains at one level. The security key is shared with all servers and poses security risks. If any unauthorized person has a private key, they will impersonate any of the domains. These certificates have *as a part of the common name. Example:, /

Multi-domain SSL certificate

The multi-domain SSL certificate protects multiple domains unrelated to each other. This certificate protects many subdomains. It is more affordable than getting an individual certificate for each site. It helps run various online businesses.


Unified Communication certificate

It is for websites that run on Microsoft Exchange and live communication servers. Ucc is for the websites and applications hosted on Microsoft Exchange and live communication servers. Examples:,,


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