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New Social Media Platforms Business Uses

Social Media

Social Media Platforms Business Uses

Social Media plays a vital role in business promotion. After the advent of the internet, many businesses included their presence online. The media made things easier for businesses. Social media penetration was helpful for small to big business people. There are many social media platforms present on the internet. The social platform used to have more reach. Promote your business and products on the social media platform and get the desired results for your business. 

Active users per day

Indians prefer using mobile phones to access social media platforms. The number of active users is increasing day by day. The unique users on social media platforms in India are 470 million. Use the internet to reach your business and products. Social media platforms present on the internet are Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. 

Social media Platforms

Each social media has a different audience reach. Businesses are improved by social media platforms. Your product reaches a maximum audience within your surroundings. Make engagements with the customers with your posts on social media. Another advantage of social media is to sell and promote products. Sales of products are increasingly using social media. 

How to use social media platforms for business


Meta Inc. owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Facebook used to generate business through posts. The Facebook ads make your products and business reach the target audience. Create a business group on Facebook or join a group to improve your sales. Improve business engagement using videos and bots. 


It is a famous social media platform used by most people to send messages. The business version of the app is used to perform direct marketing to the customers. It supports the business starting small, medium, and large businesses. A WhatsApp Business app manages small businesses individually. WhatsApp Business App is for medium to large businesses.


Using Instagram business to build a community, Push creativity, shop, and share culture, stories, branded content, and reels. The products of Instagram business are Ad solutions, Video solutions, Instagram shopping, branded content, feed stories, reels, and Instagram Direct. Use the above options and improve your products and business.


YouTube is a video platform where you can upload videos to a channel. Your business-related videos are uploaded. The video reaches the targeted audience, and business improves. Products marketed using the YouTube channel. Individuals and companies promoted using YouTube. Promote the videos using YouTube ads.

How to check your social media reach?

Reach is the number of people the social media post reaches. To improve your business, you can check the post reach by checking the analytics available with the social media profile. Plan the posts according to the social media reach. Plan to post two to three times a day. Check the peak time the post reaches and follow the timing. If the target audience reaches products or businesses improves. 

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