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Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is using social media to promote brands, products, and services. The social media promotion includes innovative posters, interactive questions and answers, product descriptions, and service details. Use organic methods to promote your product on social media. The different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Twitter. In addition to promotion, use social media to interact with the clients. Small businesses use social media platforms to expand their small business. Navo hosting offers social media page maintenance and marketing services to customers.


Why Social media marketing?

Traditional marketing is too expensive and requires more male support. Social media marketing is another way to reach customers at an affordable cost. There are many benefits to using social media marketing.  It is a very cost-effective method for small businesses. You can control your promotion cost to an extent. Generating new leads is easy using social media.

What is best for your small business?

If you don’t have time to maintain a social media page, go for a digital media agency. The digital media agency can create, maintain, post, and provide analytics. Choose social media platforms available on the internet.

  • Facebook is the most widely used media platform you get a page for your brand.
  • Instagram posts promote brands by uploading photos and videos about the products.
  • Twitter is used to tweet in a short time.
  • LinkedIn platform professionals networking and search jobs.
  • Use the appropriate social media according to your needs.

Set Goals for your business

Be specific in creating a social media page. Fix the goals that you can reach with your post per post. Drive traffic to your website to improve the website traffic. Note down the traffic from social media and measure the reach of your page and posts. Post relevant and updated content on social media that is appealing to the customers. Fix the number of posts you post on social media per day and note down the engagement. Evaluate the performance of the social media posts and plan the marketing according to them.


Cross-posting & Scheduling posts

Create a single post on a platform and cross-post it on all social media platforms. Save your time by cross-posting a post. Different platforms give different reach. Post the post regularly at a fixed time interval. See the response from the customers. Building a reputation takes months or even years. If you have patience, social media can reap your desired results. So keep on trying until you reach your goal. Write your posts early and schedule them to be posted at a particular time.

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Product awareness,
  • Finding new leads,
  • Increasing traffic to your site,
  • Improving sales,
  • Launching products,
  • Promote your brand.

Generate brand & Product Awareness

Social media has more advantages than traditional media. Using social media platforms, you can share about the product quickly time. The post reach is high compared to the TV, Radio, and others. Because of this, users sign up for your services. They convert into results.

Increase the site traffic

Have a website to showcase your products and services. Social media drive traffic to your website. This traffic helps you to improve the site traffic. The traffic is organic and doesn’t rely on SEO.

Selling products and services online

Using social media, you can sell your products directly to your audience. You reach the targeted audience using the ad features on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. List the products and contact info on the social media page. Include easy payment options like online payment links in the posts.

Finding new leads

For a small business generating leads through marketing is very tough.  Huge money and human effort are needed to generate leads. Social media is cost-effective for generating new subscribers. Every day the posts reached new subscribers.

Services offered by us

Improve your small business by availing of our services at affordable cost. Navohosting offers services like Social media marketing and Google workspace. We are an official Google Cloud partner. Other services by us are

  • Bulk SMS,
  • Hosting and Domain,
  • Website design, and
  • Social media marketing.

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