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How to Move Your Organization’s Content to Shared Drives?

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Move Your Organization’s Content to Shared Drives 

The shared Drives are used to store files and folders. Google Workspace offers storage for users using Google Drive. Shared drives are the folders in Google Drive where you can store, access, and search the files with the team members. The files in the shared drive belong to the team, not an individual. If you have the contributor, content manager, and manager access, you can move the files from the drive to the shared drive. Access to the files and folders in a shared drive is granted in two methods. First, add a user or group as a member of the shared drive, and members sharing files and folders with non-members. Here are the steps to move files and folders into a shared drive is given.

Steps to move contents into the shared drive as an admin

  • First, Login into the Admin console.



  • Go to Menu > Apps > Google Workspace > Drive and Docs.




  • Hit the drive and Docs



  • Click Manage shared drives.
  • Point to the shared drive you want to move folders to.


  • Click Manage Members.
  • Add your admin account to the shared drive with Manager Permissions.
  • If you don’t have access to the folders you want to move to a shared drive, ask the owner to give your admin account Viewer access or more.
  • Open with an admin account.



  • Click the option Shared with me.
  • Locate the folder you want to move.



  • Expand Shared drives and locate the shared drive you want to move the folder to.
  • Drag the folder you want to move to the shared drive.
  • Accept the confirmation request to move the folder to the shared drive.

 How to allow file owners or editors to move files into shared drives?

  • Go to Admin console.



  • Visit Menu > Apps > Google Workspace > Drive and Docs.



  • Click Migration settings.



  • To apply the setting to everyone, leave the top organizational unit selected. Otherwise, select a child organizational unit or a configuration group.
  • Check the Allow users to migrate files to shared drives box.
  • Click Save.


Supported Google Workspace Editions 

  • Business Standard and Business Plus
  • Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus 
  • Education Fundamentals
  • Education Standard
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus 
  • Essentials
  • Enterprise Essentials 
  • Enterprise Essentials Plus
  • Nonprofits; G Suite Business


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