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Unknown Rare Benefits of Google calendar To Manage Your Business Efficiently

Google Calendar is a more useful tool to small businesses and enterprises than its ideal competitors.  It’s useful to schedule your colleagues’ meetings, working hours all in one place. You can also join Google Meetings from Google Calendar. 


You can also embed them into your official website in order to make your clients book meetings with you . In that way, it will be your time management tool and work scheduling tool as well. 


You can organize your to-do tasks, upcoming appointments into your Google calendar. It will be your one stop digital destination for all your business appointments.  You can divide important events into smaller parts in order to manage important tasks. 


You can also do remote calls with your prestigious clients with a click of a button. You can conduct business meetings with your staff members remotely with Google Calendar. 


At first, you need to buy any of the  Google Workspace for Business plans


We, as the official premiere reseller of Google Workspace, provides you seamless access to Google Workspace Apps with a cheaper price (Starts from Rs.75 per User per Month) .


After getting your account activated, you can sync your events on both the pc , laptop, and Android. By getting  the official Google Calendar App. 


If you want to chat with your clients instead of sending emails, you can install Google Chat App. 


How to Sync Google Calendar

Here is the step-by-step process on how to sync Google Calendar.


  • At first, open Google Calendar App, and go to ‘Settings’ menu
  • Select, ‘Import and Export’, and opt-for Export Your Calendar
  • You’re done


Get Most Out of Your Employees


If you are a team worker, you can see your employee’s status, and schedule every employee’s working time and communicate with all the employees.


In order to do this, you can navigate to Google Calendar, and search for your employee’s address, and tap ‘Add Calendar’ . It shall be prompted to the employee to grant permission. After getting permission, you can see your employees’ data in Google Calendar. 


How to Create and Schedule  Google Meet from Google Calendar


You can create Google meet from the Google Calendar App by opting-in for these plans.

In order to do that, go to

  • Google Calendar and make sure you are signed in with your company email address
  • Select ‘more options’ from the Google Calendar Menu
  • Tap “Add conferencing” and select , Hangouts/ Google Meet
  • Add the details of the calendar events and your link is created.


After creating the meeting link, you can invite your colleagues to join the meeting.


Bonus Tip

You can also schedule pre-arranged meetings. To do that, you need to change your Meeting Date with the allotted date , month and year.


How to Set Auto Reminders in Google Calendar


  •  As usual, sign in your Google Workspace Account with Your Organization Account, and move your cursor to the ‘Settings ‘ menu
  • And search for ‘Settings for my Calendars’, and select ‘ Event Notifications’, 
  • You can select time format if it is in minutes, hours, days or weeks


Bonus Tip

If you purchase google workspace plan from us,

You will be gifted with

  • Gmail Notifications sync with your Google Calendar
  • You will get 24*7 human friendly support
  • You will get High Quality Google Services with the Cheaper price (As low as Rs.75/user/month)


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